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Jun 9th 2022, at 15:00 CET.
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Our Awesome Prizes

1Mustang MACH-E
5Macbook Pro
10iPad Air
$100 Bonuses

Meet our Lucky 44 1st stage Winners!

Contest Rules
  • The prizes are:
  • 1 Mustang MACH-E electric car
  • 1 Gold watch Hublot
  • 3 Dream tours for 2
  • 10 x iPhone13 smartphones
  • 5 x Apple MacBook Pro laptops
  • 10 x iPad Air tablets
  • 80 Money Prizes x $100
Start Date:
October 1st, 2021
Completion date:
June 1st, 2022

The contest is held online and has 2 stages in total.

  • There is a possibility to apply for a cash equivalent of a prize.
  • The 1st stage deposit should be at least 250 USD / 250 EUR / 25,000 JPY / 6250 UBTC. (Note: 0% deposit commissions).
  • Any Participant of the Program is allowed to participate in the Prize Draw, if he/she carries out trade with a total turnover of at least 1 Conditional Lots in the last 60 days of the Program.
Bonus Calculation Scheme
  • Participants will have the opportunity to choose a bonus at their own discretion and receive it after fulfilling the necessary conditions.
  • A bonus of 30% is set by default, which can be changed if the participant wishes to do so.
  • Remember that if a 10% bonus is selected, it will be credited to the member's account instantly, no requirements are needed.
Example for a $250 deposit
Bonus Value Deposit Value Bonus Qualifying number of lot trades
50% $250 $125 250/ 50 = 5 lots
40% $250 $100 250 / 66.7 = 3.75 lots
30% $250 $75 250 / 100 = 2.5 lots
20% $250 $50 250/ 200 = 1.25 lots
10% $250 $25 0 lots
Tickets Calculation Scheme
  • After fully complying with the rules of the program participants will get a certain number of Tickets, depending on the amount of replenishment.
  • The maximum number of Tickets granted to participant is limited to five.
Number of tickets based on initial deposits
Initial deposit Number of tickets
250-499 USD 1 ticket
500-749 USD 2 tickets
750-999 USD 3 tickets
1000-1499 USD 4 tickets
1500 USD and more 5 tickets
Maximum Bonus is limited to 1000 USD / 1000 EUR / 100,000 JPY / 25,000 UBTC.
  • The chances to receive prizes directly depend on the number of Tickets received for the active participation in the contest
  • The main language describing Terms and Conditions of the contest is English

* A Conditional Lot is a conditional measure unit for trading turnover defined by IFC Markets. See section 7 “Conditional Lots Calculation Table” of the Terms and Conditions of this contest.

Who Can Participate
  • Any individual or legal entity willing to participate, who is registered as a client of IFC Markets and corresponds to the requirements of participation in the contest
  • The contest is for both new and existing customers.
  • The contestant needs to open a real trading account with IFC Markets to participate in the Promo (the participant may use an already existing real trading account).
  • One participant can operate only one contest Live account.
  • Participants can fund their accounts by using any deposit method available for the region.
  • A Participant can use trading strategies and expert advisors without any restrictions.
  • The participant may lose the Welcome bonus when applying for the funds withdrawal after receiving the bonus, if as a result their account equity is less than the total deposit amount + Bonus amount.
  • To participate in the Prize Fund Draw, the Participant must complete the previous stage of the contest.
  • Each Participant can claim only 1 of the prizes.
  • The winners may choose and receive the cash equivalent of a prize instead of a material prize at their discretion.
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