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Brookfield Asset Management inc Stock Overview

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Stock (BAM) is a recent addition to the public market, having started trading in December 2022. This company focuses on alternative asset management, meaning they invest in assets outside of traditional stocks and bonds, targeting areas like renewable power, infrastructure, private equity, and real estate.

This article will explore Brookfield Asset Management in detail, including its areas of investment, key financial metrics, trading history, and fundamental rating.

Brookfield Asset Management inc Stock Overview
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This article will explore Brookfield Asset Management in detail, including its areas of investment, key financial metrics, trading history, and fundamental rating.


  • Brookfield Asset Management focuses on alternative assets like renewable power, infrastructure, private equity, and real estate.
  • The company was founded in July 2022 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.
  • BAM offers a 3.22% dividend yield and has a price-to-earnings ratio of 10.66, indicating a potential value play.
  • While BAM appears profitable with a decent growth trajectory, its valuation might be on the high side.

About Brookfield Asset Management ltd. Stock

Brookfield Asset Management Ltd. (BAM) is a company focused on alternative asset management. They essentially act as a financial intermediary, investing in a variety of assets that fall outside of traditional stocks and bonds.

Instead, BAM specializes in managing:

  • Renewable power: wind farms, solar parks, and other sources of clean energy.
  • Infrastructure: This could include toll roads, airports, utilities, and other essential projects.
  • Private equity: Providing funding for non-publicly traded companies with high growth potential.
  • Real estate: Investing in commercial properties, residential developments, and other land holdings.
  • Credit investments: This involves providing loans or financing to various entities.

By focusing on these alternative assets, Brookfield aims to offer investors diversification and potentially higher returns compared to traditional investments.

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Brookfield Asset Management inc Stock Price

Brookfield Asset Management is a company that manages alternative assets. These assets include renewable power, infrastructure, private equity, real estate, and credit investments. The company’s primary focus is on long-term investments in real assets and essential service businesses.

  • Founding Date: Brookfield Asset Management was founded on July 4, 2022.
  • Headquarters: The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

Key Financial Metrics

  • Market Capitalization: This represents the total value of a company’s outstanding shares of stock. The total value of the company’s outstanding shares is approximately $16.29 billion USD.
  • Dividend Yield (Indicated): The dividend yield is the annual dividend payment per share divided by the stock price. It’s expressed as a percentage. A higher yield indicates that the company pays a larger portion of its profits as dividends to shareholders. The company pays dividends to its shareholders, and the current yield is 3.22%.
  • Price-to-Earnings Ratio (TTM): This ratio compares the stock price to the company’s earnings. It helps investors assess whether a stock is overvalued or undervalued. A lower P/E ratio suggests the stock may be relatively cheap. Currently, it stands at 10.66.
  • Basic Earnings per Share (TTM): The basic EPS is calculated based on the company’s net income divided by the total number of outstanding shares. The company’s earnings per share over the last twelve months amount to $3.91 USD.
  • Leadership: The CEO of Brookfield Asset Management is James Bruce Flatt.

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Brookfield Asset Management inc Stock Trading

Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) started trading publicly in December 2022, so its trading history is still relatively young. However, let's delve into what we can learn:

Significant Milestones

  • December 2022: BAM begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). This could be seen as a milestone, since the company's visibility and potential for wider investor participation.
  • February 22, 2024: BAM reaches its all-time high of $41.66. It's important to investigate what news or events might have contributed to this peak.

Possible Market Trends Influencing Price

  • Company Performance: Strong earnings reports, successful acquisitions, or positive industry news specific to Brookfield's areas of focus (infrastructure, renewable energy, etc.) could be driving investor confidence and pushing the price up.
  • Industry Trends: Increased investor interest in alternative assets, which is a core area for Brookfield, could be a factor.

Brookfield Asset Management's (BAM) fundamental rating

BAM appears to be a profitable company with a decent growth trajectory. However, there are some question marks regarding its financial health and valuation. The company's growth rate is in the middle range, but its valuation is currently on the high side.

Key factors

  • Profitability: Excellent. BAM's profit margins are strong and have been improving. This means the company is efficient at generating profits from its revenue.
  • Financial Health: Minor concerns. There might be some areas, such as debt levels or cash flow, that require attention. However, these issues are not major red flags.
  • Growth Rate: Medium. BAM is growing at a moderate pace.
  • Valuation: Expensive. The stock price might be higher than what its future earnings potential justifies.

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Bottom Line on Brookfield Asset Management inc Stock

Brookfield Asset Management offers investors exposure to a diversified range of alternative assets. The company's recent public listing means its trading history is brief, but its focus on long-term investments in essential assets could be appealing for some investors.

Remember to consider the company's valuation and potential financial risks before making any investment or trading decisions.

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