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S&P 500 Historical Prices - SP500 Historical Data

S&P 500 Historical Data

You can see 24 days of S&P 500 historical prices, namely the index opening price for each day, that is, the price at which the index is first traded at the opening of the exchange on the trading day, the highest price of the day is the highest price traded during this period, and the low price is the lowest price traded during that period, and the closing price, i.e. the last price at which S&P 500 trades during a normal trading session. In the last column of the table you will see the percentage change - the ratio of today's closing price to the previous one.

About S&P 500

Standard & Poor’s 500 is often considered as a benchmark for the US stock market, because it includes companies with capitalization and industry leaders. The index was introduced in 1957 to measure capitalization-weighted average value of 500 companies. CFD on S&P500 index is traded in US dollars.

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