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Bill Williams Indicators | Chaos Theory

To understand the overall structure of the market B. Williams advised to analyze the market through the following five dimensions:

  • Fractal (phase space)
  • The driving force (energy phase)
  • Acceleration / deceleration (power phase)
  • Zone ( combination of strength / power phase)
  • Balance Line

For understanding and analyzing these dimensions there have been established a number of indicators.

  • AC Indicator - Accelerator Oscillator

    The Accelerator Oscillator is an indicator which fluctuates around a median 0.00 (zero) level which corresponds to a relative balance of the market driving force with the acceleration. Positive values signal a growing bullish trend, while negative values may be qualified as a bearish trend development. The AC indicator changes its direction before any actual trend reversals take place in the market therefore it serves as an early warning sign of probable trend direction changes.

  • Bill Williams Alligator

    Bill Williams Alligator Indicator is an on-chart technical analysis tool that signals a trend absence, formation, and direction. It consists of 3 smoothed moving averages set at 13, 8, and 5 periods and shifted forward 8, 5, and 3 bars respectively.

  • Awesome Oscillator - AO Indicator

    The creator of the Awesome Oscillator, as well as several other indicators and oscillators, is the famous trader Bill Williams. In fact, the AO was a kind of addition to the Williams Alligator - another “invention” of Bill Williams, and the MACD mechanism was adopted as the basis for its creation, albeit with significant changes.

  • Fractals Indicator - Williams Fractals

    After a particular price pattern appears on a graph, we can identify an already shaped fractal.

  • Gator Oscillator Explained

    Being an oscillator in the form of two histograms built on either side of the naught line, the Gator Oscillator plots the absolute difference between the Alligator’s Jaw and Teeth (blue and red lines) in the positive area and the absolute difference between the Alligator’s Teeth and Lips (red and green lines) in the negative area. The histogram’s bars are colored green if exceeding the previous bar’s volume or red if falling short.

  • Market Facilitation Index Indicator - Bill Williams MFI

    The absolute values of the Market Facilitation index are represented by the histogram's bars while the comparison of the index and volume dynamics are given in colors which are vital in terms of reading the indicator signs.